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Remember back in (*mumblety*) when I did my last alphabet drabble challenge? Well - I finally finished it today, woohoo!

You can see the finished drabbles on Dreamwidth or on Livejournal! I'll be crossposting them to AO3 as well. So, if you happened to be subscribed, uh - brace yourself, I guess >.>

And having finished that one... Well it would probably be silly of me to start a new one, having just got a trope bingo card I haven't started on. But I'm going to do it anyway! If you haven't played before - give me a prompt for an unclaimed letter of the alphabet (usually one or two words, always starting with that letter), a fandom, and a character and pairing, and I'll do what I can. You can see what fandoms I've played in before at AO3, but original prompts are fine as well. You can always ask if you want me to try a fandom I've not written in before as well :) Obviously, I make no promises as to how, uh, promptly they will get filled - but they *will* get filled!

A is for Awkward - Denise (Diablotin 3)
B is for Beautiful - Denise (Diablotin 3)
C is for Chill - Tzesira (Adventure World)
D is for The D - Lil & Addie (Ashland)
E is for Equal - Sanadhil/Arek/Dozilva (Diablotin 2)
F is for First Time - Hannibal/Bedelia (Hannibal)
G is for Gal Pals - Hettie/Annyck (D3) Finished!
H is for Harrowdens - Jesseryn (Adventure World)
I is for Immortan - Furiosa (Mad Max: Fury Road) Finished!
J is for Juvenile - Lovecraft Mythos
K is for Kibble - Bastien (D3)
L is for Lonely - Alain (Diablotin) - Finished!
M is for Madness - Sable, Deimos (Ardenach)
N is for Nasty - Gazelle (Kingsman)
O is for Off Target - Vix/? (Terry Tactics/?)
P is for Payback - Lil (Ashland)
Q is for Queen - Imraen (Diablotin 2)
R is for Rapport - Vedran (Adventure World)
S is for Service - Rome/Mike (MMXXL)
T is for Tailor - Reese (Person of Interest)
U is for Undercover - Remi Olivier (Diablotin 3)
V is for Vore - Gordon Ramsay and I don't care who
W is for Waiting - Mr. Court (Ashland) - Finished!
X is for Xerox - Dipper (Gravity Falls)
Y is for Yours - Harald/Jillain (Diablotin 3) Finished!
Z is for zoonosis - Will Graham (Hannibal)
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