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I was honored with three! Thery are all excellent and I love them! Two of them were very last minute additions, the last of twhich literally appered in the ten minutes before the collection closed and I'd left work :V


Mama Loi Papa Loi - Exuma (Song) (Share wasn't enabled on this one)

-I finally got a fic for Mama Loi, Papa Loi! VICTORY :V And it is cool, too - it is set in London, and it is about a little girl whose parents are dead, but who has a caretaker and a mysterious benefctor uncle...

First we lift our swords to heaven (1360 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: L'Assasymphonie - Florent Mothe (Song)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Additional Tags: Bitterness, Music, Inspired by Music, Treat, Jukebox Fanworks Exchange, Obsession, Female Characters

Yas Delit is a composer who enjoys the patronage of the King.

Trouble is, she is a revolutionary at heart.

-This one is all about revolution and political dissent through music. I liked the main character a lot, probably because of her resentment and her efforts to undermine the society she feels shackled to.

Quest's End

Brun - Garmarna (Song) (share also not on this one... hmmm, interesting! I now have Additional Suspicions...)

-This is a reaaaaaaally interesting take on this song, where not only does the maiden manage to get the better of Brun, the man who was going to murder her as he had several others, but their contest is part of a much longer epic. Her role, if not less passive, exactly, is more premeditated. It has a really great atmosphere, and as much as I love the others, I think this one hist the most of my buttons. I was positively *spoiled* this year, all told - and the collection is full of other excellent stories as well! YOu shoudl go check them out!
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