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So, this was the first time I've done this exchange! It's only the second year though so I'm not too far behind. Would I do it again? ABSOLUTELY!

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Sure, let's go with that :)

I just wanted to give some general likes/dislikes beyond what I put in the specific sections of my signup (which are repeated below).

I'm really interested in the dynamics of relationships - what people are bringing to the table, what do they want to get, what do they want to give, and what happens where the needs and desires of two individuals meet. Do they compliment or conflict? Do they build up or tear down? How do they resolve? I think there are lots of ways of getting at these questions as well, from throwing them into wacky hijinks to see how they execute (or not) a particular caper, to throwing them in bed and seeing what they want when they're there. So, I'm not necessarily looking for any kind of introspection in a story, I just want to know a little more about what makes these people work (or not) as a unit. I know there are some really talented artists out there, as well as writers, and I'm interested to see how these can be conveyed visually as well as textually.

I am definitely up for explicit stories for any of the requested "/" pairings! I don't have a list of specific squicks - I'm pretty open to stuff, and the delivery is really what's important. So to speak. As for kinks, I like power dynamics, negotiation, all levels of consent (enthusiastic consent, ambiguous consent, dubcon, noncon), all kinds of sex (vaginal, anal, oral, intercrural, frottage, clothed, semiclothed, public, whatever!) knifeplay, breathplay, bdsm, blood, loyalty, kissing...a million other things I'm probably not thinking of. Basically, this is me.

As far as art goes, I should also note that I am interested in a variety of body shapes/sizes/colours, and I am also interested in symbolic representation and stylized art as well as more representational perspectives, as long as the requested characters are in some way identifiable in the piece.

And now, Requests!

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