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Jukebox this year for me was kind of nutty, as it was happening right when I was moving1 Both reveals and author reveals happened when I was still very much in transitional parts of moving /o\

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I'll never read as much as I want before reveals, but 'm glad I'd had as much time as I have this year to poke around :) I was going to dividing this again into things I've come across myself vs things I've read because they were recced, but honestly i have lost track at this point -_- There are definitively reccs of both kinds in here though!

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I am always so excited and delighted with the things that Yuletide produces!

This year I got two gifts - one in each collection. Both are character sketches of Shirley Wilson from In The Flesh. I knew I could trust the rest of the fandom to ask for lots of fic for the main characters/pairings, but I am a lover of minor characters, and I love Shirley. She's so earnest and well intentioned even if she is not always the absolutely most competent.

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I also have a pile of other recs I've accumulated - I am going to group them into two sections: one that are fics I have stumbled across on my own or have been recced to me informally, and then a second batch that are re-recs I've found from more formal sources (recs posts, the recs collection, and such) but that I endorse completely!

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OMG I got great stories!

Seriously great! I got The Shadow, I got 7.5 K of amazing casefic, and it is brilliant, and so true to the movie *and* the radio show, and.... I really want to read the sequel, dangit! MORE! I feel so greedy! I also go the trans!Yart JourneyQuest story that was *exactly* what I asked for, and also Ghost Soup Infidel Blue RPF which was amusing and I want to roll around in the cleverness of the meta (casting fictional actors = brilliant ^-^). ANYWAY! Here are my gift fics. You should go read them! The GSIB RPF one.... there is no canon for, so... you have no excuse not to appricate it! The Shadow, I think anyone who has encountered it in any media can appreciate, but it is poretty grounded in the movie backstory. And clearly you should just all go watch JourneyQuest anyway :D

ETA - I also got a Madness gift, also in Ghost Soup Infidel Blue RPF - a translated article talking about the new season coming out on SciFi and some of the dirt behind it.... inspired by my GSIB RPF giftfic. :D

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And now a few additional recs! Some of these have already gotten quite a lot of love, but I think they deserve it, so hey! On with the recs :) 15thCentury RPF/Hunger Games, Holmes on Holmes/Cthulhu Mythos, the Solar System, Knitting Anthropomorfic, Books of the Raksura, XKCD, Ghost Soup Infidel Blue, N.K JEMISIN 's the Dreamblood, Finnish Mythology, The Wire, The Mummy... I'm sure I have missed some great ones, but I still have a lot of reading to do, especially in the main collection!

Main Collection recs! )

Aaaaand adding in a few bits from Yuletide Madness, which always needs more love than it gets! Dracula, Erekos, Pan's Labyrinth, Final Fantasy VI, Lion in Winter, The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock, and The Mummy :)

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I have seen a few stories from madness getting recced, but as a lover of sort form fiction, I thught I would try and give some of the stories (especially the shorter ones) a little more love. So here are... (this is me counting) twelve stories in as many fandoms, including one written just for me, noted in previous OMG stories for me! post :D

Arkham Horor, A Study in Emerald, English and Scottish Popular Ballads, Fairy tales and Related Fandoms, Forever Knight, General Computer Anthropomorphic, Greek and Roman Mythology, Othello, Quantim Leap, Slings and Arrows, the Little Mermaid )


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