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Remember back in (*mumblety*) when I did my last alphabet drabble challenge? Well - I finally finished it today, woohoo!

You can see the finished drabbles on Dreamwidth or on Livejournal! I'll be crossposting them to AO3 as well. So, if you happened to be subscribed, uh - brace yourself, I guess >.>

And having finished that one... Well it would probably be silly of me to start a new one, having just got a trope bingo card I haven't started on. But I'm going to do it anyway! If you haven't played before - give me a prompt for an unclaimed letter of the alphabet (usually one or two words, always starting with that letter), a fandom, and a character and pairing, and I'll do what I can. You can see what fandoms I've played in before at AO3, but original prompts are fine as well. You can always ask if you want me to try a fandom I've not written in before as well :) Obviously, I make no promises as to how, uh, promptly they will get filled - but they *will* get filled!

Prompts will go below the cut, with links added once they are filled. )
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They're doing two rounds this year! And I've just been saying how I need inspiration.... I'm quite happy with the card, as well!

Card! )


May. 1st, 2015 08:14 pm
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So, I successfully Trope Bingoed! I have been saving the stories to post here all at once, and shall do so now. I have been generally consumed by some Diablotin characters of late, and so I decided to focus entirely on them, or at least on one of them. The stories here should all be accessible, as it is all either pre-campaign/canon stuff (so background that is established here and not anywhere else), or alternative universe. The setting is what miiiight make is not accessible, I guess, to others. But feel free to give 'em a shot and let me know what you think!

This is a first line bingo - my card is here if you wanted to check it out :)
Tropes: locked in, handcuffed/bound together, presumed dead, au:fantasy, celebratory kiss

FIC: Whose minds the Dead have ravished (Diablotin; Ander Suterre, Ralf Enderlen, Asanne Frenac, Joline Hilery; Locked In)
summary/preview: It is not quite the first day of Ander's new posting, but the Psyrenes have quite a welcome in mind...
content notes: No Warnings Apply

FIC: In it Together (Diablotin; Denise Murodea, Ralf Enderlen, Ander Suterre; Handcuffed Together)
summary/preview: Picked up by the cops for being in the wrong place at the wrong time, Denise is about to find out whether or not she can rely on her new boss...
content notes: No Warnings Apply

FIC: Almost Certain Death: Five Vignettes from the Fall of Camp Tashoren (Diablotin; Bryson Arguelles, Ander Suterre, Ralf Enderlen, César de Béziers, Emeric Quiles, Katrine vak Andras, Prudence Marcoux; Presumed Dead)
summary/preview: Five vignettes from the fall of Camp Tashoren to Psyran forces, through the eyes of Major Bryson Arguelles, commander at Birdur.
content notes: No Warnings Apply

FIC: Desperate Times (Diablotin; Janelle Rionet/Ander Suterre; AU: Fantasy)
summary/preview: 80 years ago, the Arch was never restored. The rats never left the undercity. The empire teetered forward as forces continued to work for the freedom of Serpent, and the effects of the ensuing chaos spread. Now the land is suffering from an intense famine, that reaches even into the undercity...
content notes: No Warnings Apply

FIC: Last Kiss (Diablotin, Evard Desprez/Ander Suterre, Celebratory Kiss)
summary/preview: Things between them were great when they were like this – when Ander was relaxed, flirty and charming.
content notes: No Warnings Apply

Trope Bingo

Jan. 5th, 2015 10:15 am
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Let's do this thing! I went for the original card for various reasons, and here it is :D I'm excited!

Bingo card! )
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I didn't think I'd make it.... but I totally did!

My official post is over here, but I'll just repost the main part of it here.
Here there be fics! )
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Dear Invisible ficcer!

Thank you for writing me a story! I am am certain I will love it, and I want to reassure you that optional details are options. These are just a few ideas of things I would like to see - they are meant to help you, and if you have a better idea, please go ahead and write it! There aren't a lot of things I'm terribly offended by in fic, so please don't worry about offending or squicking me. I like all kinds of relationships - het, slash, femslash, and other and with a few exceptions I don't have any strong pairing attachments for these fandoms. If you want to write dirty kinky porn, have at! If you're way more comfortable in the gen world - have at! I happily read and appreciate fics of all ratings, and I won't judge you for writing what you're comfortable with. In longer stories, I do prefer that porn be *part of* a story rather than it's main focus, but since the minimum word count for this is only 500 words, I realize that can be a tall order, so all I ask is that the characters be as convincing as they can while they're getting it on.

And now - onto the requests! )
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au: space futurefic fake relationship au: crossover unrequited love / pining
unexpected friendship bodyswap amnesia au: other au: alternate gender norms
forbidden fruit au: fantasy FREE

time travel genderswap
against all odds au: royalty / aristocracy / feudal trapped in a dream poor communication skills character in distress
telepathy / mindmeld bets / wagers trust and vows mind games matchmaker

Some of these will just about write themselves I think :o
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And a second fic, this one about the previous generation...

Title: Slip me home as we seal us in
Fandom: Highschool Horror (Game)
Rating: Teen
Lenght: 4382
Notes: This is pretty much original fic, no canon knowledge necessary. References to teenage sex and pregnancy. Okay really it is *about* teenage pregnancy. Title from the Cocteau Twins song "Pitch the Baby". Set c. 1997.
Summary: Nathan gets some huge news from his grilfriend.

Slip me home as we seal us in )
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A fic I did as part of a character background for the highschool horror game I'm playing in now :) Written and posted first at fan-flashworks.

Challege: Not What It Looks Like
Title: Cover Story
Fandom: Highschool Horror (Game)
Rating: G
Length: 542
Notes: For an RPG fandom, of sorts >.>
Summary: That book wasn't really supposed to be for sale...

Cover Story )
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I decided, what the heck, I will give Kink Bingo a shot this year :D

Card within, nsfw ;p )
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I wanna write, but I don't know what. So give me ideas, and I will see about turning them into drabbles :)

Come one, come all, special one night drabble extravaganza starring your wildest demands! Wel,l as long as I have some passing familiarity...

Prompts from elsewhere
Adventure world - Harrowden/Callais kids - first night "home"
Avengers - Steve/Maria - Battle Couple

List of fandoms I have played in previously can mostly be found here on AO3.
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I'm stealing this from [ profile] velvetmouse because I would like some little scraps of writing I can do!

So here's how we're going to play this: I write out the alphabet below. You give me a word for an unclaimed letter, a fandom and characters. I write either a single (100 words) or a double (200 words) drabble. Rejoicing happens.

As for fandoms, I'm willing to push myself a bit so feel free to ask for things that aren't on the list and if I don't know them at all, I'll let you know :3 feel free to ask for OCs and world building stuff, because I love that shit and its a fun challenge to do it with drabbles.

(For the moment I'm working in Gdocs and using their word count...)

-Pretty much any game I have been in ever
-Anything based on my original writing or ongoing/abandoned/neglected serials
-Star Trek - I can can probably do most series other than Voyager or Enterprise
-Georgette Heyer - The Masqueraders, Venetia, The Foundling, False Colours
-A Song of Ice and Fire - mostly books, I never finished watching the show, for Reasons -_-
-Sherlock (haven't finished the second series yet)
-Transformers (G1, IDW comics, Beast Wars or Animated... or game related, see above)
-hell I dunno, try me, I can't list everything @_@

here there be letters/prompts )
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I finally figured out how to make my Diablotin/Inception crossover feasible :V


Sanadhìl paused thoughtfully as he saw her to the door.

“If I do learn anything of use with this business, I’m certain you can find some way of extracting it.”

“Of course…!” She’d smiled, and since then, she’d been giving the matter heavy consideration. It seemed he had thought of something, but he couldn’t tell her without compromising the situation.

Ilphère was no enchanter, but there were other means of accessing the mind. Her smile widened, her countenance becoming more animated as she the considered the possibilities of her craft…

Sanadhìl watched her go, hoping his trust was not misplaced.
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Two more inception drabbles - one for [ profile] inception100, and another that arose from it but isn't currently postable to the community. Open to better title suggestions for the second.

Warnings on the first for questionable consent, sexual violence, and mind-fuckery.... all that in 100 words :V

The Girl with the Green Ring )

Mad Dreams )
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(A couple of drabbles written for [ profile] inception100...)

High Tide
Notes: based on my memories of trips to the Bay of Fundy, where careless people really can drown when they aren't paying attention to the incoming tides. Open to suggestions for a better title.

Mud and little pools of water stretch as far as he can see; slimy, warty seaweed covers the rocks. They were talking about accounts, clients, secrets. Progress. But this is not the beach he designed.

She smiles. “The tides rise fast here. People get stranded on sandbars just like this one and drown.” She plucks a small snail from a tide pool. “I love periwinkles. I used to imagine you could find some secret to the universe if you could understand how their shells formed so perfectly.” She looks at him as the waters rush in. “Take it… and try.”


The architect builds the dream, the dreamer populates it.

Some minds are more creative, and buck against the bland recreations of reality that extractors find most effective for their task. Some minds are too disturbed, and carry dangerous baggage hidden deep in the subconscious. Even the best profiler isn’t psychic, can’t know all a mark’s hidden traumas.

The sunny park across from the towering skyscraper is supposed to offer the target a mental reprieve, to represent a place of safety. They’re walking there now, the conversation casual and the glances nervous as all around them, faceless clowns sharpen their knives….

Dream Girl

Aug. 19th, 2010 08:26 am
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Title: Dream Girl
Word Count: 100
Rating: PG13?
Challenge: Drabble Challenge #6 - Forgery
Characters: nebulously gendered OC

The moral nebulousness of the dream realm meant that there was a growing market for arranged erotic encounters. The workers were called dream girls, though they could be anyone.

Even within the realm of Morpheus’s brothel, Muse was a specialist. Muse wouldn’t give you just any pretty face, or even one of the popular encounters with knock-off celebrities, personalities cobbled together from red carpet interviews and tabloid headlines.

Muse would give you the girl next door. Or your best friend’s wife. Or your best friend.

It was delightfully ironic, Muse considered, that these most mundane impersonations commanded the highest fees.
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Someone has managed to combine two of my (current) favourite things, and created an [ profile] inception100 challenge community for Inception drabbles. How could I resist that?

Word Count: 100
Rating: G
Challenge: 5 - You want me to do what?
Characters: Arthur, Ariadne
Warnings/Author's Notes: I have a very esoteric interpretation of what was going on in this movies, and any writing that I do will probably reflect this :V


“You just said you don’t believe in inception.”

“I’m not talking about planting a new idea.” He was no good with metaphors, and couldn’t express the nuances.

“Then explain again. You want your friend to get over his wife. “Get on with your life – that’s not a new idea?”

The girl seated across the table seemed so young, and he wondered if she could understand the fire that Dom and Mal had lived, and how it now burned out of control. “This is something he wants. He just needs--”

Ariadne smiled. “Someone to show him through the maze?”
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August Writing Challenge for August 20 - Think of the most boring person you know. Now imagine them committing a crime.
Andrew was a solid person. Reliable. Calm. Patient. He could be described as a family man, as he was married with two young sons. He felt devoted to them. Several pictures adorned his ordered desk at the art school where he taught.

His life, especially his earlier life, certainly sounded glamorous. He had previously been employed by a major motion picture company, and worked on one of, he thought, their best big budget children's films. People seemed impressed, certainly. "I worked on the lions," he would tell them. And briefly they would seem excited. He could show them some of the framed cells on his wall, but there was not much more to the tale. Animation was a repetitive process, and his months of work flashed across the screen in bare minutes, if that.

And of course, now he was a teacher. He taught animation and drawing at a small college in a small city that had pretensions of producing alumni who could compete in a rapidly saturating market. Computer animation was all the rage these days anyway, and young people flocked to this new development as they did with everything technological. They still had to learn to draw the old fashioned way first, and for that they came to Andrew. The school's enrollment was small, but he still taught three sections a week each of life drawing and basic animation.

They often used live models for life drawing. When he was a younger artist, Andrew had been surprised at the number and variety of people, young women especially, who were willing to disrobe in the name of art. Even if that 'art' was the amateur scribbles a room full of awkward teenage boys. The girls no longer phased him now. He would tell them to pose, clothed or naked, for so many minutes at a time depending on the nature of the drill. He hardly paid attention to them, except to coach a student as to which curves he (or she; but rarely she in this business) should be paying closer attention. They were lines to him, not flesh. He saw them rendered in charcoal or graphite in two dimensions - beauty (or not) on paper, not in flesh.

Andrew knew that he had lost his sense of enchantment. There was little wonder in his life. It depressed him. His wife noticed this growing dissatisfaction, and though she didn't understand, she tried to help.

"Why don't we go away this summer? We have the money. The kids are old enough - they'd love a fun vacation somewhere exotic, wouldn't you, kids?"

And so it was decided - a summer vacation to the family, to Fiji. Beautiful beaches with cool blue water lagoons, a five star estate - a luxurious tropical island getaway. The very thing to excite a mind dulled to the extraordinary. Andrew wondered if perhaps they couldn't find beautiful beaches and posh hotels closer to home. There would be the same mix of tourists in Fiji as in Florida, he felt - the same half naked women (lines and circles) stretched out in the sun or reclining by a palm shaded pool, drink in hand. The children might disturb the other hotel guests, and nevermind the protestations they would make when it came time to have their travel shots. They might be old enough to travel, but surely not old enough to appreciate it.

But the plans went ahead nonetheless. They would go for two weeks in mid August. The resort promised activities for the children, and assured the family that there was a wealth of interesting activities in which to participate among the many islands of the chain, from hiking to museums, fun parks to snorkeling or diving and, of course, the beaches. Andrew thought that perhaps this would be enough. "I went to Fiji for two weeks this summer," he could tell his coworkers. He could show pictures, if anyone was interested. It sounded sufficiently exotic - many people never left the borders of their home towns, let alone their countries or continents.

The reality was quite different. The airline lost their luggage. The resort was full and busy and he staff was harried. The boys complained about the day programs - they didn't like the other tourist children, or the activities, or the food. His wife, always optimistic, suggested alternatives.

"Why don't we try going to one of the outer islands, dear? See more of the traditional life here - get away from the tourist traps for a bit. It will be a cultural experience."

He saw no reason to disagree, and they packed up for a few days at a small village. Andrew privately considered that this would be just another kind of tourist trap, even if it was not as popular. They got to live in a traditional hut and could get involved, through the aid of a cultural interpreter, in various aspects of village life. The reality grew on him in a short period of time.

The boys loved it. They got to try new things, and made easy friends with local children eager to impress the richer North Americans. There was less structured supervision, and they raced around searching for turtles and shells, or watching for sharks in the bay. Andrew tried his hand at different village activities. He made some sketches, gave them away to their hosts. The people here seemed impressed. He made some short flip books for the kids staring some of the more popular animated characters they might have seen on a neighbor's tv. He enjoyed himself, though his wife became somewhat nervous.

"Is all this sanitary? I don't like the boys running off and playing in the dirt." Andrew reminded her that the idea had been hers and also that they'd all had their shots. Modern first-world medicine was less that half an hour away by plane or boat.

The few days in the village were perhaps just what he'd needed, Andrew decided, to give him some fresh perspective on life. A cultural experience, indeed. But the thing that really changed everything happened just the night before he left.

He'd woken up in the middle of the night of his own accord. His family still slept, but he heard noise from outside the village. It sounded like some kind of festival. Careful not to wake anyone else, he threw on shorts and a t-shirt and slipped his sandals on as he proceeded outside to investigate.

The sounds led him to a small path well hidden by some leafy tropical shrubs. As he followed it, the sounds - chanting, really - became louder, and he could see the flicker of firelight. It never occurred that he might be intruding, or that his hosts might offer him any threat. Indeed, as he passed the sentries who called out his name, they beckoned him forward.

About a dozen of the village men, dressed in costumes that made them look like they'd stepped out of pictures or drawings of previous centuries, were arranged around a spit in a small clearing. Some were dancing and singing, some few had drums. Others were eating, or had clearly just eaten. His hosts smiled widely in welcome, and drew him forward. Somoene passed him a headdress, another a drum. The chant was simple, easy to take up. The meat on the spit smelled tantalizing, though he knew it was no animal.

"Come, come," they cried in between breaks in their song. "Come, Andrew." Someone drew a knife, and cut a piece of flesh from the roasting body. "Longpig," they explained. He ate - not much, but it pleased him. He couldn't dream of doing anything else. In the morning, they returned to the resort.

The family flew back to civilization a few days later, but Andrew knew he was changed for good. Everything might seem the same, but nothing was. He'd shared in something powerful, secret. Taboo. It set him apart. It never faded from his mind. He went back to teaching, but the dullness was gone. The inadequacies of his students seemed inconsequential now. He was full of wonder - member of a secret elite. No one could ever take that away.

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I am hoping to finish with Ice this week, maybe even today if i can get my other errands done. I am also hoping to continue with my hadyn story *and* restart Pieces this month. To help this along, I have decided to participate in this (stolen from [ profile] mousme):

It's July 31st, so I'm not too late to be posting this announcement here. [info]ai731 is running her August Writing Challenge again this year. I highly recommend it for all my writer friends out there: last year was a blast, and this year promises to be even better, as tons and tons of people have joined!

Here's what she wrote in her introductory post:

Jan's August Writing Challenge
Write something every day in the month of August.

Sounds tough! What do I have to do?

Write. Something. Anything. Any length. Prose or poetry. Every day. For a month. And share it.

Sounds cool! How do I sign up?

Join the [info]august_writing community if you're not already a member
Link to this post in your LJ so that we can get as many people involved as possible
Post either your writing, or a link to your writing to the community every day in August, starting on Tuesday, August 1st, 2006.

Sounds simple! Are there any other rules?

Nope. Well, not really. It has to be creative writing - prose or poetry, of any any length, on any subject. Stuff you would normally be writing anyway counts (so, for those who write serials, that counts) but stuff you write for your job doesn't. But it can be anything. Short fiction, short-short fiction, essays, character studies, stream-of-consciousness, writing exercises (like last year I'm going to try to post a different writing exercise every day for anyone who would like to use it), sections of a larger work you have in progress, etc. Anything at all, so long as it's a self-contained piece of writing that you did that day. It would also be really cool if you could read and comment on a couple of other posts every day.


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