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I posted a few recs over at my other journal ([personal profile] elanya), but reveals seemed to make the most sense in here. So!

This year I wrote... )
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And that was my yuletide..... other than all the reading I've done in both collections! I wish I had more time as I'd have loved to make a proper recs post before reveals, but that doesn't seem to have happened :/ Maybe after? There are just so many great stories to chose from, though! I guess we'd better all get reading...
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So! I actually managed to write a fair amount this year – more than I'd expected, in any case! I got extra betas for everything, but as usual [personal profile] curtana provided constant encouragement, handholding, and initial SPAG assessment. Well, for almost everything....

Assignment: Return to Night, Since We Must Part, Drown Night for Naraht )

After finishing that beast, I actually managed to score two(!) pinch hits! I didn't know the recips in either case there, so there was somewhat less pressure. I am quite happy with both stories.

Pinch Hit #1: Arkham Horror – Encounters at the Witch House for barometry )

Pinch Hit #2: Othello – Girl Talk for afewreelthoughts )

Treat #1: Books of the Raksura – Claimed, for Nary )

Madness Treat #1: MST3K/Ghost Soup Infidel Red – Robots Crying on Beds for Elfwreck )

Madness Treat #2; Drabble #1: Arkham Horror – Sweet Harmony for Lirillith )

Madness Treat #3; Drabble #2: Hark! A Vagrant! – Infidelity for afterism )

And that was my yuletide! I kind of feel like there may have been something else, but it has been completely wiped from my mind...
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Yuletide has been weird for me this year, as I mentioned before. I haven't read a fraction of what I'd like to read, and it feels strange to only be settling down to do so after reveals. Ahh well! I do plan to read around a lot, but I admit I may be beelining for some authors I know I love!

In any case, I managed four stories this year - two for the main collection, and two drabbles. All of them are in small or YT-only fandoms, so I have been trying to keep my expectations in terms of comments, kudos and hits low. They seem fairly well received by their recipients, and that's what counts!

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