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Dear Spacer,

Thanks, first of all, for writing! That is really the most important thing, and I will be delighted with whatever I wind up getting. I'm following my usual practice of cribbing heavily from other older letters, so hopefully it will retain some amount of coherency.

So first of all.... Generally speaking, I like stories that tell me a little bit more about the characters or the world they live in. I like stories with plot - with adventure, intrigue, and wacky hijinks. I also like stories that are more focused on character exploration – I don't need action if I have interesting introspection. I like both insider and outsider PoV stuff, and I feel like it is perfectly legit to write a story about a character that isn't from their perspective. I enjoy stories that are very emotionally intense, whether that means they are spilling over with ~feels~ or dark and unrelenting in tone – I enjoy horror, especially psychological horror, but also feel-good fluff.

I am definitely up for explicit stories for any of the requested "/" pairings! I don't have a list of specific squicks - I'm pretty open to stuff, and the delivery is really what's important. More than anything, when it comes (heh) to porn I want to be able to believe that the sex I'm reading is in character for whoever I'm reading about – not necessarily that it is something they want, but that the reactions I'm reading are true to whoever is having them, if that makes any sense. As for kinks, I like power dynamics, negotiation, all levels of consent (enthusiastic consent, ambiguous consent, dubcon, noncon), all kinds of sex (vaginal, anal, oral, intercrural, frottage, clothed, semiclothed, public, whatever!) knifeplay, breathplay, bdsm, blood, loyalty, kissing...a million other things I'm probably not thinking of. Basically, this is me.

As far as art goes, I should also note that I am interested in a variety of body shapes/sizes/colours, and I am also interested in symbolic representation and stylized art as well as more representational perspectives, as long as the requested characters are in some way identifiable in the piece.

I've never requested a vid before, so I am really curious as to what you might be able to do with these requests - I'm sorry if they aren't helpful, but anything that demonstrates or highlights or reveals aspects of characters or relationships would be cool! Totally down for crack here, also.

And now to the specifics!

Voltron: Legendary Defender )

Cthulhu Mythos - Fandom )

Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008) - All Media Types )

Star Trek: Alternate Original Series (Movies) )
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Dear Jukebox Operator:

Thank you very much for writing something for me. I want to say first of all that if you have a strong idea about what you want to write, please feel free to run with it! I have tried to give some general ideas of things that I think might be cool for the stories, but for the most part I'm pretty open to interpretations. I'm okay with any rating, I don't have any real squicks or triggers. I like things that are scary and creepy and straight up horrific, but I also like things that a cute or funny or fluffy (though I'm not sure if any of the songs I picked really lean that way). I don't need happy endings, but I do enjoy them. If you have different ideas though, lemme have 'em! I like character introspection, I like world building, I like plot. I like porn, but I prefer plot to go with it I don't know if any of these really lend themselves to porn, but if you think differently, lemme have it! Really, go wild! I'm pretty easy to please! Also, I am super into the idea of crossovers between any of the songs I'm requesting - I think some of them could go together pretty interestingly, so if there's an idea that strikes you along those lines please have at.

I am really excited for this fest, possibly more than is rational. I have a longstanding love of folk music and other forms of ballads and song-stories, and I like thinking about what we don't know as much as what we do. The canons we have to work with here are mostly pretty loose, and I'm excited to see where people go with them. I recognize that this is a lot closer to original fic than most fandom-fests, and I appreciate that it can be harder to make things up whole cloth, so really, thank you! Write what you want, what inspires you, and hopefully what is below has some good ideas if you're feeling lost!

It you are a podficer or a podfic team - I'm super excited, as this is the first time I've requested podfic for an exchange, and I think the rules this year are really interesting! I think writing a story you know is destined for an aural medium is a cool challenge, and I know the recording of a podfic can be pretty challenging itself, so major props for offering! In this case, since the canon is also aural I think it is an especially interesting pairing! I am a big fan of podcasted/podficed short fiction, but I don't know if I can give any specific likes/dislikes /o\

I am requesting Fanfic or Podfic for all requests (but treats in any media would be a delight).

On to the specifics!

Bold Marauder - Sharon Knight (Song) )

Burn Witch Burn - Ego Likeness (Song) )

Eli - Bosnian Rainbows (Song) )

Mama Loi, Papa Loi - Exuma (Song) )

Murder in the Red Barn - Tom Waits (Song) )

The First Kiss - Zombina and the Skeletones (Song) )

Well Below the Valley - Sharon Knight (Song) )

Where Evil Grows - The Poppy Family (Song) )
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Dear Night Vale Author...

Weird at last! Thank you for offering something that I have requested - I hope I have given you some helpful ideas to work with, but please, write the story that interests you! In terms of general likes and so on, I am pretty easy to please. I don't have any serious squicks or triggers. I like things that are creepy, and dark, and funny, and fluffy. I like character driven stories and plotty fic, and introspection and worldbuilding. Not necessarily in combination! I like smut, but I like there to be something to go along with it - smut that is part of the plot, or gives some kind of insight into the characters. I don't need a happy ending, but I do welcome them. Write me something you are comfortable with, even if it isn't exactly what I've got in my optional details, and I will probably love it.

Night Vale often feels to me like something that could have been lifted directly out of my brain, so creepyness/weirdness in line with that the show dishes out is lovely. One of the things I love about Night Vale is that so much of the darkness is right out there in the open, rendered almost mundane by how relatively common it all becomes. Despite this, there are still secret and real conspiracies going on behind the scenes. People take so much for granted that they - at least most residents - have stopped questioning the weirdness. "Some mysteries aren’t questions to be answered, but just a kind of opaque fact, a thing which exists to be not known." I love that dynamic, and of course I am desperately curious to know more about the characters and scenarios I have requested. I'll repeat them here for convenience:

Requests under the cut! )


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